Cut to measure


Order as many custom cuts as you want by adding this process to your shopping list and specifying in each cane the desired length or cut angle in the “NOTE ON YOUR ORDER” section at the end of the purchase.


Choose this cut if you want us to cut a cane to a measure not available in our catalogue. We will send you the cane cut in two parts.


Choose this cut if you want us to cut a cane to a size out not available in our catalogue with an end with an angle. Please indicate the cut angle you need (0-45º).
We will send you the cane cut in two parts.


Choose this cut if you want to cut a cane longitudinally to obtain two half-rods (max 190cm). To longitudinally cut a longer shank, please request a quote HERE (please link to the contact form)


Choose this process if you want one end of the rod to end up round, for example to make a mouth of fish type of joint or graft a thin rod into a thicker one


Choose this process if you want to receive the cane emptied of the inner membranes (From outer diameter d the cane 4 cm – maximum length 190cm). To empty a longer shank, please ASK FOR A QUOTE HERE

Attention: Due to its shape, it is not possible to empty the Tam Vong variety which is totally solid in some sections.

CodePreview Type of cut PriceStockQuantity
ZZ-90 Cut to measure - straight-cut Straight cut 2.59 In stock
ZZ-45 Cut to measure - miter-cut-max-45o Miter cut (max 45º) 2.70 In stock
ZZ-L190 Cut to measure - longitudinal-section Longitudinal section 3.30 In stock
ZZ-C Cut to measure - cut-with-crown-fish-mouth Cut with crown (Fish mouth) 3.60 In stock
ZZ-O Cut to measure - interior-emptying Interior emptying 4.89 In stock


We can send your order to Spain, the Baleric & Canary Islands at a low cost.
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ZZ-90, ZZ-45, ZZ-L190, ZZ-C, ZZ-O

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