Bamboo pole tam vong



Also known as “Iron” Bambu for its great resistance.

They are often used for the construction of bicycle frames and small furniture as well as for side and roof enclosures thanks to the fact that it offers a great resistance to outdoor and a good response to all types of tensions.


Scientific name: Thyrsostachys Siamensis

Colour: Light brown with yellow, green and brown tones

Conicity: Max 5mm per linear meter

Origin: Indonesia

Structural application ★★★★☆
Wall thickness ★★★★★
Resistance to the weather ★★★☆☆


CodePreview Diameter Length PriceStockQuantity
BTV1-180 Bamboo pole tam vong - 1-5-2-cm - 1-80m 1.5-2 cm1.80 m 2.99 In stock
BTV2-235 Bamboo pole tam vong - 2-3-cm - 2-35m 2-3 cm2.35 m 3.57 In stock
BTV2-290 Bamboo pole tam vong - 2-3-cm - 2-90m 2-3 cm2.90 m 4.10 In stock
BTV3-290 Bamboo pole tam vong - 3-4-cm - 2-90m 3-4 cm2.90 m 4.56 In stock
BTV3-390 Bamboo pole tam vong - 3-4-cm - 3-90m 3-4 cm3.90 m 7.24 In stock


– Compact and thick-walled rods
– Good outdoor resistance
– Sudden changes in temperature or humidity can produce the appearance of fissures or cracks.
– The value of the Ø refers to the base of the piece

Bamboo is a natural product, no cane is perfectly straight. Each bamboo cane is unique by shape, colour and shade. Vertical fissures can occur, especially in outdoor use. Exactly as it happens with wood, Bamboo expands or retreats according to the conditions of temperature and humidity. However, the cracks do not affect the structural integrity of the Bamboo.

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BTV1-180, BTV2-235, BTV2-290, BTV3-290, BTV3-390


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