Why using bamboo?

For thousands of years, bamboo has been used by man; in its manufacture of habitat and objects indoors and outdoors. In Asia especially for centuries bamboo construction has proven itself as an ecological construction, nowadays it is used in scaffolding and even in skyscrapers. It is a plant that has the particularity to work like wood (30% stronger than oak) and to generate an amazing wealth of craftsmanship, bamboo is known for its strength and qualities repellent. There are more than 1300 different species of bamboo in the world, it grows on every continent!

A material that consumes very little energy
Bamboo is one of the building materials that consume the least energy. Indeed, it grows almost without fertilizer. In addition, its treatment requires very little energy. Bamboo construction requires almost ten times less energy than cement construction and almost 50 times less energy than steel construction.

Contributes to the preservation of the environment
Bamboo has the particularity of producing 35% more oxygen than an ordinary tree. It also combats soil erosion thanks to the dense mesh of roots of each bamboo shoot. Bamboo also promotes the infiltration of water into the soil.

It is obviously a completely recyclable raw material!
Bamboo is flexible, lightweight and strong because it contains a high silica content. It is also more efficient than graphite from a weight/strength ratio point of view. This material is aesthetic and allows us to create airy and harmonious designs.