Bamboo rolls Ø35


Bamboo rolls made from complete rods joined together with galvanized wire. A simple and durable solution for fences, separators and shading.

Available in various widths and heights, in the variety Moso


Scientific name: Phyllostachiys Pubescens

Diameter of the rods: Ø3,5 / 4 cm

Origin: China

Resistance to the weather ★★★★☆


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RBN-40-200/180 Bamboo rolls Ø35 - 200cm - 180cm 200 cm180cm 65.76 In stock


– Installation in enclosures and shading.
– Suitable for outdoor use
– Small fissures may appear with sudden changes in temperature or humidity.
– The value of the Ø refers to the base of the rods that compose it.
Bamboo is a natural product, no cane is perfectly straight. Each bamboo cane is unique by shape, colour and shade. Vertical fissures can occur, especially in outdoor use. Exactly as it happens with wood, Bamboo expands or retreats according to the conditions of temperature and humidity. However, the cracks do not affect the structural integrity of the Bamboo.
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