Bamboo mat guadua



Pieces made from Guadua rods, suitable for side panels, screens and ceilings.


Scientific name: Guadua angustifolia Kunth

Colour: Light brown with dark tones and possible brown spots

Width: 30/40 cm

Origin: Colombia

Structural application ★★★★★
Wall thickness ★★★★☆
Resistance to the weather ★★★★☆
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EG35-200 Bamboo mat guadua - 2-00m 2.00 m 18.90 In stock
EG35-400 Bamboo mat guadua - 4-00m 4.00 m 31.60 In stock


This process is totally handmade and consists of making cuts in all the knots when the bamboo is freshly cut and still tender. Once the knots are sectioned, the reeds open longitudinally and the remains of the internal diaphragms are removed to obtain flat sections between 30 and 40 cm wide by 4 m. long. The pieces are held together, without the need for external elements thanks to the high resistance of their fibres.

In traditional Latin American construction, it is used to make trampolines and non-load-bearing walls. Due to the roughness of the fibre, it can be plastered on its inner face with cement or another product.

– Variable width between 30 and 40cm.
– High flexibility and thick walls.
– Specialized protection against xylophagous attacks (+ flame retardant characteristics).
Especially suitable for construction of external enclosures.
– Good resistance to the weather.
– Supports plaster.

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